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Create One-of-a-Kind Landscapes​

Our innovative, visually striking garden designs are environmentally conscious and depict a bold unification of form, function, and sustainability at a considerable value.  Our waterwise design expertise and customized California Friendly and drought-tolerant plant palettes set us apart.  Whether you're looking to refurbish and improve your existing landscape, or start all over from scratch, we guarantee that your outdoor space will be transformed into something truly unique and beneficial.

Provide Outstanding Client Care

We believe that outstanding customer service and communication throughout the landscape design and implementation process is essential for best fulfilling your desires and exceeding your investment expectations.  Besides offering landscape and garden design services, we facilitate the implementation of the project to ensure that the designer's vision is realized and that you are impressed with the outcome.  From concept to completion, we will guide you through each project phase to ensure that your landscape transformation experience is as stress-free and rewarding as possible.

Quality Comes First

Characterized by their distinct aesthetic appeal and unique artistic style, our carefully crafted outdoor places are a culmination of observation and in-site analysis, detailed design preparation, and extensive plant knowledge.  We hand-pick the highest quality plant material from the best sources, painting trees, perennial shrubs, ornamental grasses, and waterwise groundcovers on your blank garden canvas to create your top-quality dream garden landscape.  

Environmental Stewardship
InSite Landscape Design cherishes environmental stewardship, particularly in crafting eco-friendly outdoor living spaces  that conserve enviornmental resources and improve urban ecology.  We take pride in producing distinct sustainable landscapes that encourage water use efficiency and conservation, carbon sequestration, stormwater runoff capture, and minimal maintenance, where possible.  In many of our designs we also integrate pollinator-friendly colorful flowering perennials to attract and nourish bees and butterflies; multi-season ornamental grasses that supply food and seed for birds; and California native plants that provide valuable urban habitat

Comprehensive Maintenance

Once your outdoor space is completed, we want to ensure that it will be admired and appreciated for years to come.  Although our drought-tolerant landscapes are generally low-maintenance, your designer will arrange for periodic visits to professionally evaluate your evolving landscape and check the irrigation, monitor the development of the plants, and complete any necessary modifications and improvements your garden needs as it continues to grow and mature.  InSite Landscape Design works with teams of highly skilled maintenance professionals who are knowledgeable of the specific plants in your garden and the limited care they require to thrive.

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